Sidechain to track volume in positive direction


I’m looking into envelope following the volume of track 1 and apply it to track 2. I can set up the sidechain to follow the first track but when using it to modulate the volume of the second track I can only duck it, not follow. Am I missing something?

I can modulate a parameter and having the sound on the parameter sheet but that way it doesn’t follow the track volume, and just gets triggered at a certain volume. I find that

a parameter that isn’t using a db scale can modulate up and down but any db scales can’t.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

You are correct that sidechain modulation can only reduce volume, not increase it. This is because increasing volume above the default level of 0 dB is almost always a bad idea, and can result in audible distortion and similar artifacts.

If I understand correctly, you want the output volume of one track to match that of a different track. Spectral sidechain modulators and sidechain effects are not the right tool for achieving this. This is because a sidechain effect measures the amplitude of a signal, and a modulator on fader volume alters the amount of volume adjustment applied to a signal - which is to say, they interact with fundamentally different things, even if both of those things contribute to output volume. Thus, even if the spectral sidechain modulator could adjust the volume fader to match the measured amplitude at the sidechain effect’s position in the way you describe, it could not be used to ensure that both signals are equally loud, because the amplitude of the signal passing through the fader is not guaranteed to remain constant and will almost certainly fluctuate over time.

If you want two pieces of audio to be or equal volume or equally loud, I reccomend editing them in a DAW; if you need to subject or or the other to volume adjustment in FMOD Studio, you should ensure they are subject to the same amount of volume adjustment.

For anyone with the same question:

You can create a version of this by creating a parameter and modulating it with a sidechain input. Add an instrument on the new parameter sheet at the value (volume) you want it to play at and you have a functional volume triggered sound.