Error 21 when Building PS4 Banks - Libatrac.dll is where it should be?

Everytime I’ve tried to export banks for PS4 I get an error 21, stating that:

“(Could not load encoder library ‘libatrac9.dll’, possibly a 32bit library, please copy it from the Sony PS4 SDK to the application directory.)”

The libatrac9.dll file is in the app directory as far as I know but I still get this error.

Hi Chris,

It is possible that you are using the version of the .dll that comes with the normal install of the PS4 SDK. However, there is an alternate version that doesn’t come with the recommended default SDK install.

Within the SDK Manager make sure to include SDK->Tools For Development (Other)->External Tools ->ATRAC9 Windows Library manually.

Let me know if you’re still running into issues.


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