Error calling set3DAttributes on a 3D sound


I’m calling set3DAttributes() on a sound (FMOD Studio 1.05.02) and this is giving me the following error in the SystemCallBack:

"ChannelControl::set3DAttributes(0CCEF2A8:{418.769,3.56631,-27.6188}, 0CCEF2B4:
{0.000335941,-0.1047,-0.000225664},00000000)[40; Tried to call a command
 on a 2d sound when the command was meant for 3d sound.]"

However, I call createSound() with the FMOD_3D flag. Also, if just before calling set3DAttributes() I do:

  FMOD_MODE mode;

I get mode==0x12, which means FMOD_3D|FMOD_LOOP_NORMAL.
Is there any reason why this error would trigger? I’ve been burning a day sofar on this problem but getting no closer.

Is there any way I could make an FMOD_3D flagged sound behave like its 2D? (set3DLevel(0) for example)

Thanks for any help!

To answer myself; I had set the channel after playSound() to 2D, hence the sound itself was still 3D, but the channel 2D…