Event Instances vs Components performance

What’s the most cpu friendly method for playing repeating sounds like gunshots/footsteps/foley etc?
Components or event instances?

It’s not possible to make a meaningful comparison between the CPU costs of event instances and unreal engine components. They’re just too different in how they function, and in what kinds of content and behavior they support.

If you’re concerned about the CPU cost of FMOD Studio event instances, we recommend using our profiling tools to monitor and tweak your game audio’s performance.

I should mention, though, that some target platforms may require you to disable UE4 audio if you want to use FMOD Studio event instances, so it’s safest to use just one or the other unless you know all your target platforms support both.

@joseph what platforms are those that you mention?


Exact details regarding running side-by-side can be found in our user guide under disabling audio device.

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