Event selection no longer automatically shows events bank?


We just upgraded our whole team from 1.10.12 to 2.00.11.

One thing we noticed quite quickly was that now when you select an Event, it no longer automatically selects the Bank in the Banks tab. Is there an option somewhere perhaps to turn this back on? It seems quite unfortunate and a step backwards to have to now right click an event and find references etc.


There is no option to re-enable automatic selection of an event in the banks browser when that event is selected in the events browser.

When selecting an event in the events browser automatically selected it in the banks browser, many users found it inconvenient that the banks browser might scroll or change while they were working on something unrelated, as it could cause them to “lose their place” when they switched back to working with banks. For this reason, we removed the feature, and added the “Find References… > In Banks” context menu item so that there was still a way to find events in the banks browser.