New Banks do not update in event browser

Hi, I changed the Studio Project Path to a different project but the events browser does not update. I tried refreshing banks and nothing happens, I tried finding them through an event emitter, and only the old ones show… I tried loading the banks as specified banks in the initialization section of the FMOD Edit Settings Menu, and they still won’t appear as available through the browser or for the event emitter… what am I doing wrong? I even started a new project with no integration, imported the package again and the FMOD integration plugin still serves the old banks…
I also tried renaming the banks in FMOD and when I reopen FMOD the bank names are not saved although I did save them… why is this so buggy?

FMOD 2.00.04 Unity 2019.3.13f1 FMOD Unity Integration 2.01.07 Mac OS10.15.6


I’m afraid we haven’t been able to reproduce this issue. When we change the Studio project path and then re-open the FMOD Events browser, it correctly contains the events from the new FMOD Studio project, and not the old one.

I’m afraid we haven’t been able to reproduce this issue, either. When we test here, renaming banks, saving the project, then reloading the project results in the banks’ new names being displayed and used for subsequent builds.

Could you describe your workflow in more detail? It’s possible that there’s some specific detail of what you’re doing that differs from what we’re doing while testing.

Hi Joseph, it took 20 days to get a reply from you or anybody here. I’m afraid I gave up about a week ago and I am now using Wwise.
Thanks anyway.