Excuse me, does the h5 version of the API support recording?

I used the recording function of fmod core api and it works well on both computer and mobile phone.
But on web h5, he cannot record. Does the h5 version not support recording?
I am using fmodstudioapi20207html5. Is it because the version is too old? The static pants version of .a is used directly.


Unfortunately, recording is not supported in HTML5.

I think what you should say is that fmod does not support html5 recording for the time being. HTML5 itself supports recording, including the usual webrtc kind.

If FMOD does not support it, I can only find it by calling another library. I am currently using a library called “recorder-core” found in npm. I can get pcm from it and then pass it into c++. used in the buffer to ensure universality across the entire platform.
This library runs well in crome, firefox and ios safari.


Apologies, I am slightly confused. Could you elaborate on what you are looking for?

What I mean is that the following fmod methods for recording cannot be used in the HTML5 API.

I can only implement these functions through a third-party JavaScript library. The ‘record-core’ library on npm runs very well in various browsers.
Can fmod complete this blank space so that fmod’s recording is the same on any platform?

I can pass on your request to our development team to look into further.

If there are updates I will update the forum.