Exiting Parameters conditions with quantatization

Hi there,

I am currently working on adaptive music.
What I would like to do is having a loop going on with some conditions to trigger on and off other instruments.
Basically I have a sort of calm loop.
When the player is approaching a dangerous zone, I would like to trigger a guitar to join in and I would also like the guitar to leave when the player leaves the dangerous zone.

I have no issue with triggering in the guitar: using the parameter trigger condition makes it very easy and I set the quantitization to 4 bars so it sounds seamless.

But the issue I am having is when I try to trigger the sound off → it just removes the guitar without considering the quantatization.

Is there a work around?


Yeah, that’s true, there’s no quantization for untriggering something. So the trick would be to convert the untrigger to trigger.
You could use as an interface a private parameter, that would follow your main parameter with two command instruments, with the whole track duration, quantized. Those command instruments would set the private parameter to on and off at the right moment.
Your guitar instrument would then be linked to this private parameter instead.

Edit : I’m not sure command instruments have quantization settings… I don’t have FMOD at the moment to verify. If not, encapsulate them in nested events.

As Alcibiade says, there is currently no way to quantize the untriggering of an instrument. I can see how that would be useful, so I’ll add it to our feature/improvement tracker.

In your situation, the usual way to prevent the guitar from stopping too abruptly is to use an AHDSR modulator to ensure it fades out over time when untriggered. Whether this works for you will depend on the setup of your event, however.

You could also potentially work around the issue by using a quantized transition region to transition from a section of timeline where the guitar is playing to one where it isn’t, instead of using a trigger condition to trigger the guitar instrument. This would, however, require you to restructure your event such that the calm loop is present on two different parts of the timeline, one with the guitar instrument also present and one without it.