Explosion Tutorial?

In the back of the FMOD Studio user’s manual. There is a tutorial on how to create an explosion. There is listed a bunch of sound files that need to be downloaded for the tutorial, but there is no link, and no information on where to get these sound files? Can anyone help me please?

Unfortunately, we do not have the files at this time; That tutorial was written for us by Sound Librarian, and he has not furnished us with the files he used.

That said, I recommend you instead look at the “examples.fspro” project that comes packaged with FMOD Studio; The examples it contains cover a wide variety of common event designs, and are easy for someone completely new to FMOD Studio to understand. If you have trouble understanding or replicating those examples, contact us here or via support@fmod.org, and we will answer any questions you might have.

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Are these files available yet? I’ve also reached the same point in the tutorial and would like to try it out

@SimonBosley The tutorials only use a single file out of the provided list, and doesn’t use that one for anything other than a demonstration on how to import files into Studio. You can therefore substitute any audio file you have on hand when following the tutorials. (The tutorials seem to be incomplete, as they never actually describe how to create a complex explosion sound. We are investigating why this is the case.)