(NEWB) Best FMOD Studio 2.0 tutorial? (stand alone - not integration related)


Musician / producer needs to learn FMOD ASAP. I’ve been advised “Don’t worry about Unity, just focus on FMOD”.

MacProVideo only has 1.0 tutorial (out of date and not really helping).

YouTube has a scatter-shot of task-specific tuts, but nothing comprehensive (that I’ve found).

FMOD site has owners manual (good, but videos would be preferable). Tutorials page starts with “FMOD for Unity: Integration tutorial”. Again, I’ve been told not to spend time learning Unity (which would be great, as a crash course in FMOD will eat up my available bandwidth).

Recommendations? Sincere thanks!!

If you’re planning to learn FMOD Studio in a hurry, the best place to start currently is the FMOD Studio Concepts chapter of the FMOD Studio User Manual. It’s not a tutorial, but it introduces the key concepts of creating content in FMOD Studio.

The Celeste FMOD Studio project isn’t a tutorial either, but it is a useful tool for learning how to use FMOD Studio. Creating content in FMOD Studio is the same regardless of which engine you use, so the Celeste project is a great example of the various ways FMOD Studio projects and events can be constructed. In addition, if you have a copy of Celeste to connect it to, you can use it to experiment with the FMOD Studio project, in order to see how changing the events changes their behavior in-game. You can find a quick tutorial on how to get the Celeste FMOD Studio project up and running in the Celeste Getting Started Guide appendix for the FMOD Studio User Manual.

Other than that, we do not currently have any engine-agnostic tutorials. However, we’re currently working on one: A “quickstart tutorial” that walks the reader through the most commonly-performed actions in FMOD Studio, starting with creating a project and ending with building the banks ready to be used in a game. It isn’t quite ready yet, but will be added to the FMOD Studio User Manual in an upcoming release of FMOD Studio.

You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. This is exactly what I needed and enough to get me started. After this I’ll do some FMOD & Unity / UE specific tutorials and continue my education from there. Thanks again!