Failed to load strings bank


Im having a following issue when im trying to package the project on Windows platform.

UATHelper: Cooking (Windows): Cook: LogInit:Display: LogFMOD:Error: e:\jk\workspace\1.10_UE4.16_Win64\studio_api\src\fmod_bankmodel.cpp(163) - Failed to open file ‘D:/_Workspace/Tests/Content/FMOD/Desktop/Master’
UATHelper: Cooking (Windows): Cook: LogInit:Display: LogFMOD:Warning: Failed to load strings bank: D:/_Workspace/Tests/Content/FMOD/Desktop/Master

The issue is very weird, because it was working a month ago, and since then nothing about the plugin or sound was changed. Any help will do.


Check the folder to make sure the file is not missing.
If it is there but still does not work, delete the banks and rebuild from Studio.

Do you have any other errors or warnings in the log?