Feature Request: Adding Event Names to Metadata

I use Git to collaborate with multiple sound designers on a single project, and this works fine, but sometimes it can be hard to tell which events people have modified.

When I made changes to events in FMOD Studio, the metadata for these events show up as changed in my Git client, listed by their GUID, not their event name — this is fine and dandy and to be expected. However, if there’s a clash during a merge and I need to decide which contributor’s changes to keep, I need to export the GUIDS from FMOD Studio and look-up the event’s GUID on the list before I can even know which event I’m looking at.

Could there perhaps be a line added somewhere near the top of the metadata that includes the event name, so that when I’m looking at changes in Git I can quickly tell which event I’m looking at?


The event name should be listed as one of the first (typically the first, unless you’ve set a note on the event) XML “property” attribute tags in it’\s metadata, with the tag <property name="name">. As an example, for an event named “CarEngine”, it would look like this:

        <property name="name">

If you’re not seeing it, could I get you to provide your FMOD Studio version?

Oh now I feel foolish — looks like my Git client (Fork) wasn’t showing the first lines of the file because it only shows the lines in the section that have changes. So I can just open the file externally and read it.

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