FMOD ANDROID: Sound Overlap/Mix , save

Hi, I want to overlap 2 sounds. 1 sound is the main voice and the other one is background music. I found this post (Merging Audio Help), but I am too noob to understand it. Maybe I need more explanation and code to achieve this.
Far now, I can play 2 sounds together to get that effect, like this:
systemA->createSound(path_cstr, FMOD_LOOP_OFF, 0, &soundA);
systemB->createSound(path_cstr2, FMOD_DEFAULT, 0, &soundB);
systemA->playSound(soundA, 0, 0, &channelA);
systemB->playSound(soundB, 0, 0, &channelB);

this is working well.

Now, I want to save the result in a .wav file. Need help to achieve the task.
Please try to help with code samples or sample example links if available.
As I am new to FMOD.

To have FMOD write to a file instead of to the audio hardware check out System::setOutput and FMOD_OUTPUTTYPE_WAVWRITER.

Hey @mathew. I can save file like this. But how to track the progress of saving with this method.
I want to show Playing and Saving progress on the Android side.

Saving is performed in chunks as the sounds play, not as a separate task that requires a progress bar.

Using wav writer, as playback happens the audio is written to file. If you need to process faster than real time, use wav writer NRT (non-real time), then each time you call Update another chunk of audio is written to file.

If you only want to track how much of a sound has played (and thus been written) check out Channel::getPosition

I am already using

How to calculate total number of chunks. So maybe we can update progress according to Total chunks , whenever system->update is called.
Completed chunks / total chunks * 100

You can get the chunk size from bufferlength with System::getDSPBufferSize. You can get the file length from Sound::getLength. Alternatively you could just keep calling update until Channel::isPlaying returns false.