With FMOD_DSP_TYPE_PITCHSHIFT added to the master channel (FMOD_DSP_PITCHSHIFT_FFTSIZE is 4096) small parts of silence (in audio track) sounds with clipping sound (i.e. weird sound).

What should I do to stop this?

Right now I use setBypass(true) when ‘pitchshift’ == 1.0f. But with this effect != 1.0f clipping sound still presents. I guess you can fix it but increasing DSP buffer but I won’t do that because of the delay. So, maybe there is an easy way of doing something with this weird sound or the only solution is to change the buffer?

I can’t say I’ve heard of clipping happening with silence. Have you got a recording of this happening?

Can you also confirm if you get the same problems when lowering the FFT size?

Hey Richard. Thanks for the reply! Yes, this also happens when lowering the FFT size.
I’ve made a little project with 2 examples of this problem.

Link on GoogleDrive to the project

There is a VS solution file I recommend you to open it or you can just run the build version to see examples.
After that, please, listen to the audio files in the ‘ide’ folder on those moments that were highlighted in the console output.

At those moments there are short (very) sections of silence (you can hear that there is actually silence if you just listen to the files at these moments in the audio player) and in these sections of silence, on my computer, a sound similar to clipping sound is heard.

The main problem is that in a regular audio player everything sounds as it should at these moments, but using this plugin and FMOD these moments sound problematic and not like in an audio player at those moments. And so without this DSP all also sounds fine.

P.S. You can increase this ‘clipping sound’ effect if you add another PitchShift DSP right after the first one.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’ve been able to reproduce it on our end and I’ve added a bug report to our tracker. We’ll take a look into this for a future update.

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