Fmod event callbacks in Blueprint

I need help with FMOD Event callbacks in BP UE4 (described here:…)

I Created Audio component with Enable Timetime Callbacks enabled. It is being played, I can hear it but OnTimelineMarker is not triggered.

And event has 4 markers set in it’s timeline… any1 can help ?

Are you sure the callback event concerns the right FMOD AudioComponent? You seem to spawn an AndioComponent at BeginPlay, but you don’t show how you store that component and how you access to it. Is there already an FMOD AudioComponent attached by default on the actor? If so, why do you need to spawn another at BeginPlay?

Changed it in the original post. I do this in level blueprint, and I use Add FmodAudio component because in that node I can set Enable Timeline Callbacks to true.

This would be because the FMOD Audio Component doesn’t exist at the time of the callback’s creation. You can assign a callback at runtime using the ‘Bind Event to On Timeline Marker’ node. You will need to do the same with ‘Enable Timeline Callbacks’, setting it to true at runtime:


thank You very much, that works

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