Play Audio on Timeline Marker Not Working


I’m looking to trigger audio after a certain marker is hit on a event timeline. I set EnableTimelineCallbacks to true, but I can’t seem to have even a very simple example fire.

What am I missing?

Thank you!

Bump! Working on some cool ideas that our project could really benefit from. Need to solve this before our company continues.

Have you enabled timeline callbacks on the FMODAudioComponent?

Screenshot 2020-10-14 091840

I have!


What versions of FMOD and UE4 are you using?

Hey you need to enable the timeline callbacks bool before you play the event. This worked for me. Idk why setting the the bool after playing doesnt work. For example this is annyoing when you want to use “play event attached” or “play 2d”.

Currently the callback is only set at the time that the event is played, which is why changing the bool after that does not work.

I have added a task to change this behavior, eg. make a function in the FMODAudioComponent for enabling callbacks so they can be set at any time.

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