Fmod Scripts

Hey there!

Is there an Fmod scripts bank somewhere or does some people are able to share/sell there scripts?
I’m not a programmer and I would love to enhance my Fmod experience with scripts as ADSR batch on multiple modules, or stuff like this.

Thank you for your attention!


Hi Tom,

Thanks for your interest in FMOD. At the moment, there isn’t really a bank or a avenue for people to share or sell their scripts. However, you are welcome to post questions here on Q&A should you encounter any issues or need help figuring out how to do something via scripting.

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Hi, just wanted to revive this thread as I’m currently figuring out fmod studio scripting to automate some stuff. Is there any good reference out there like a list of all the entity names that can be created (i.e. “Bank”, “Event” etc) and the properties for each entity types? Currently I’m just reading through the examples and from the fmod studio user manual. We’re planning on creating banks and events based on our existing sound assets and also eventually setting properties per events. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks.


At the moment, there is limited resources available for scripting as it is a rather advanced feature. We are planning to release more example scripts and better documentation in the future. In the meantime, we provide additional information, how-tos on a case by case basis.

The example project metadata is another way you can explore the type of entities available and how they are connected. The “class” in the xml is essentially the entity type. You can also use the dump() function on a managed object to get a list of properties and relationships.

Thanks, managed to learn and get a few things done via the dump function. Looking forward to those examples and documentation. Cheers.

Good thank you. I still don"t get a clue about this, so don’t forget to provide us some documentation soon :slight_smile: