FMOD sound bank, how to keep the compression applied on the sound.

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I’m having a sound bank in which I only import the sounds which have already been compressed (.mp3, .ogg ,…). I want to use an encode format which does not change this compression. Is using the PCM as the encode format a good choice? If not what can I do to leave the sounds unchanged? Thank you.

When encoding bank files the source media is always decompressed, then recompressed to the desired bank format. For this reason we recommend you use PCM WAV files or lossless compressed audio such as FlaC (or equivalents) for your source data.

Choosing PCM as the bank format will produce very large banks but will not suffer the recompression issue. Depending on your needs this may suffice, however it’s not usual practice.

There is no way to place already compressed audio into a bank, our bank files are designed for high performance and as such we require precise control over the encoding process.

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Thank you for the clear explanation.

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