FMOD Studio audio bin creating multiple asset versions

Hi everyone,
Is anyone else having this problem? …
When I drag an asset from the audio bin browser to a new audio event FMOD Studio is creating a new instance of that file in both the audio bin and assets folder. This doesn’t seem to happen before the project file is saved. Weird …
I’m new to FMOD so maybe I’m missing something here, but I thought the whole point of the audio bin was that you could have multiple references to the same audio source file and minimise your memory usage.
I’m using the latest version of FMOD Studio. 1.4.2 I think.

Just an update to this …

I reopened the project and the audio bin said the assets weren’t available, but they were in the events and would play back. I resaved the project and one of the links in the audio bin was removed (but not the file from the assets folder) and the other link was fixed. I then tried to copy the file from the audio bin to a new event and the same thing happened as previously, and a new copy of the audio file was created in both the audio bin and assets folder. I tried resave, but it’s still there.

Am I crazy or stupid, or is this a bug I should be reporting?

I’m using the FMOD Studio Mac version 1.2.4

Anyone got any ideas about this …

Thanks for the follow-up; We’re currently working on a fix for this issue.

Thanks for reporting the issue. A fix has been implemented and should be available in our next patch release.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Thuan | Programmer