Updating audio files

What is the best procedure for updating audio files without having to mess with them on the timeline? (I think mistakes are more likely to happen if we’re deleting old audio from the timeline and dragging new audio in its place). Is there a way to do this? In other words, let’s say I’ve got audiofile_v1 on the timeline, and now I’ve bounced out audiofile_v2 from Logic and I want it to replace _v1 exactly as it is. Is there some way to “refresh” it without deleting _v1 from the timeline?

Also, I thought I read in the manual once that there was a “delete unused” option in the bin but I don’t see this option in Fmod. It would be useful, though, to be able to delete unused audio.

To replace an audio file in an FMOD Studio project, right-click on the files in the Audio bin, then select ‘Replace…’ from the context-sensitive menu. You’ll be prompted to browse to and select the new version of the file. This affects all instances of the file in the project.

If you need to replace more than one file at a time, the procedure is mostly the same: You multi-select them in the audio bin, right-click, and select ‘Replace…’ Then, when prompted, browse to and select the folder that contains all of the new files. Unlike when replacing a single file, the new files must have the same file names as the old ones.

To find unused entries in the audio bin, type “#unused” (without quotes) into the audio bin’s search bar. (In versions before 1.06, you should type “#!unused” instead.) This filters the audio bin to only display entries that aren’t being used in the project; You can remove them by right-clicking on them and selecting ‘Delete’ from the context-sensitive menu.

We are aware that a special search term isn’t the most discoverable of features, and are planning to implement a more intuitive way to identify unused entries in a future release.

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