FMOD Studio 'randomly' gets stuck on play button and doesn't play track

Hi all,

I’m not sure if this has been reported before, or if it’s just specific to me.

Every now and then (it seems random) when I click the play button in order to play an event, the button turns and stays yellow, but does not play the track and the marker does not move. I have to restart FMOD Studio in order to fix this.

Sometimes this can happen several times in the space of 20 minutes or so and it can take multiple restarts of the application to fix.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

(Currently using FMOD Studio version 1.7, but this also occurred for me with version 1.6)

I can’t be certain without having a copy of your project on hand, but I intuit this might be a loading issue: When you first select the event, the samples it contains need to be loaded into memory before the event can begin to play. Next time this happens, deselect the event in the event editor window’s events browser, reselect it again, wait a few seconds and see if it still happens. Let us know if that solves (or doesn’t solve) the problem.

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Have you been able to resolve this issue? If you’re still having problems, we could potentially look at your project to see if we can find a cause.

I’ve figured out what was causing the problem!

When running FMOD Studio with a DAW like Cubase open, I think Cubase was ‘stealing’ the audio driver. In other words, I think my computer was struggling to evenly share my audio drivers between both programs.

Cheers all.

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