Weird issue. Several events won't play after file->build banks, until I restart FMOD

Everything runs fine and I can hit “play” on every event as normal, but then when I build banks and file->save, many events won’t play. I hit play and it just stops instantly.

Restarting FMOD immediately fixes the issue.

They seem to be events that are assigned to different banks than the one I had just been working on.

Is this a bug?

Update: Also, It appears the same thing MIGHT be happening in Unity, with events stopping as soon as they are played in the preview panel…

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated

I just moved to a new computer and installed the latest FMOD on it.

Would this possibly have something to do with having an older version of FMOD on my old computer?


This is a known bug and is currently being investigated, thank you for the video.
I am currently not aware of the issue in Unity. What were the steps to replicate the issue?

Hi connor, I was able to fix the issue in Unity by completely removing the fmod plugin, then doing a fresh reimport. Unity didn’t like something about the switch from 07 to 08, then back to 07

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Thank you for sharing your solution!

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