FMOD Studio Unity Integration beta


[size=160] The FMOD Studio Unity integration has been released. For more infromation see this thread: viewtopic.php?f=30&t=16159[/size]

FMOD Studio Unity Integration
We are currently developing an in-house integration of FMOD Studio for Unity. The integration is in private beta at the moment which we intend to expand in the future before releasing it publicly.

Supported platforms
The current integration supports iOS, Android, PC and Mac. The integration does not support the Unity webplayer because it relies on native plugin support which is not available in the webplayer.

Requesting Access
If you are interested in using FMOD Studio inside Unity then let us know by replying to this thread.

Please note that the integration itself is free but you must have the appropriate FMOD License to release a title using FMOD Studio with Unity, it is not covered by the Unity license alone. For more information about licensing FMOD see: The FMOD Studio integration is a native plugin which is available in the free iOS/Android Unity license but requires Pro for PC and Mac.

I am very interested in Unity/FMOD integration and would love to hear any updates on the work you are doing.

I’m interested in the FMOD Studio + Unity3D integration as well.

I am interested in integrating FMOD studio with Unity and would love to know more.
Thank you!

I’m interested in the FMOD+Unity integration, as well. Thank you.

Hi Guys,

Just an update on this it is getting very close, it is expected to be released in a couple of weeks. I will be sending an email out to everyone when it is ready.


i will also add my name to the growing chorus here to request access to the beta. this will be very useful for our Music Scoring class! let me know what may need to be done,



That’s great news! I am very eager to test it as we’ll!

There were a number of different discussions in this thread so I have created a new subforum dedicated to the Unity integration. I have split off each discussion into it’s own thread.

Hi I’d like to recieve any news about the Unity Integration. Thanks!

Hi Fred,

This thread was intended for expression of interest prior to the release, it is now available from the download page. This is the official forum thread for the integration is here:


We will always be adding more features and improving the integration, but it is no longer in beta so I will close this thread.