FMOD: Where do I control the number of voices an event/sound has?

Where do I control the number of voices an event/sound has?

Is it in FMOD or in Unity/Unreal?

Egh… my event (which is mono, and sounds normal in fmod) Sounds like THIS in Unity.

It peaks and flickers in the stereo channels.

Someone suggested changing the number of voices it has, But i cant find out where that is,

Is is “Max Instances”?

Hi you can set number of voices either at snapshot level or group level. Find the event in question, select it’s master track and you will see the “instances” options in the deck (D key to reveal if hidden).

I find setting voices on a group bus is very effctive. Select a group bus from your mixer (Ctrl +2) and again you will see the “instances” in the deck.

Or are you looking for polyphony? That can be found in instruments, by expanding its trigger conditions section and you will see an option for polyphony. I’m kind of new to fmod so my answer may not be perfect

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Do you trigger several instances simultaneously in the game? If so, why? If not, limiting the max instances won’t help. It sounds like a phasing problem, as if 2 instances are played almost but not exactly at the same time. Instead of Max Instances, you could set the “Cooldown” setting to overcome this (maybe 0.3s is fine).

Perfect, thanks so much! I haven’t come across any need for polyphony just yet. Can you give an example of when that would be important? Thanks!

Thanks for your help man!! I have solved the issue! It seems it was too close to the listener in FMOD. moving the position forward solved it!

Yer in any instrument that has the possibility to be triggered more than once, so say async instrument that is contained within a loop and your playhead keeps hitting it. If the instrument contains a long audio clip, polyphony can set the instrument to only ever play 1 sample at a time for example.

At least that’s what i use it for. Also helpful with scatter instruments to limit the number of clips being triggered from 1 instrument.

Perfect, I get it now and thinks are working smoothly. Thanks!