FMODSettings has uninitialized properties. Accessed too early?

Hello. We have get a crash in packaged game. Package config is Development. FMOD plugin is integrated and turned on, all setup is made using documentation. When we starts dedicated server it starts fine. But client crashes. The thing is that we did not included map where FMOD assets is used, so in this package FMOD is just included and turned on. In Editor everything works fine.
UE 4.21. FMOD 2.0 for UE 4.21

What is the reason or how could we fix that?


I’m looking into this at the moment and should have a solution in the next couple of days.

hi. changing the loading phase solved this crash and music in packaged build seems to works now

> "Name": "FMODStudio",
  	"Type": "CookedOnly",
  	"LoadingPhase": "PreDefault"

It looks like that is the cause of the issue, it was changed recently in an attempt to fix another issue.

I am currently investigating a solution that will fix this and the previous issue.

i have same issue i dont know where to find the loading phase im not a programmer can u talk me step by step through this error , my visual studio wont generate if its on there

It should just be a matter of opening the {ProjectDirectory}\Plugins\FMODStudio\FMODStudio.uplugin and changing:

"Name" : "FMODStudio",
"Type" : "Runtime",
"LoadingPhase" : "PreEarlyLoadingScreen"


"Name" : "FMODStudio",
"Type" : "Runtime",
"LoadingPhase" : "PreLoadingScreen"