Footstep sounds based on surface type UE4

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I’m trying to make a footstep system with fmod. It needs to be able to track the surface type to play different sounds. It works fine with popular LineTrace method, but there is a problem with minus Z coordinate.

When map landscape is under Z coordinate (when Z is negative), the trace have nothing to hit, so there is no sound because of that.

I know another method for this(, based on ALS. It’s using foot IK instead of LineTrace, so there is no problem with negative coordinate. But I was able to make it work only with Unreal Sound Cue, not with FMOD.

Is there any way to make it work with FMOD? Or Is there any way to solve the negative Z problem with LineTrace method?


What version of FMOD and UE are you using?

It is possible to have parameters set to negative values:

Would it be possible to get a screenshot of the event that you are using? How are you setting the parameters inside Unreal?

Yes, sure

So here is how this system look like in UE animation blueprint

Just a script from this tutorial (

The problem is here, where it says Z 100

this grid is dividing negative and positive Z, so when player is walking under this grid - event is not triggering, only above.

Step events look like this. Just a container with sounds. The logic is in the blueprint

It would seem logical to just build level above this grid, so Z is always positive, but in my case, when lvl designer already built most of levels - it is not possible

We are using UE 4.27.2. And my FMOD is 2.02.08


Thank you for the screenshots.

In this image

I noticed the AnimNotify_Footsetp isn’t connected to the LineTraceByChannel node. This may be connected to the issue? Are you hearing any footsteps at all or only when you are in positive Z?

Oh, yes. My bad. Yes, it is not connected. But I did it on purpose, because I was trying another version of this script. So I needed this to be unconnected.

Yea, when it’s connected, the footsteps only heard on only when I’m in positive Z, and thats the main problem

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Thank you for the information.

Would it be possible to record an FMOD Studio | Profiler session, keeping an eye on the location of the events in the 3D space:
This will let you know if the events are being played in a location you expect or if having a negative value is affecting their positions.

Would it be possible to upload the project to your profile so I could check the blueprint on my side? Please note you will have to register a project with us to upload to your profile.