Multiple Surface/Material Footsteps (UE4)

Hey guys,
Just looking for some guidance on how I could implement multiple surface footstep sounds in our game (Made in UE4 4.10). Any help would be greatly appreciated as Iā€™m struggling with it! Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

If you can work out what the surface you are on within UE4 you can set it into an event parameter via blueprint. Look for the blueprint function SetParameter on the FMOD audio component.

For help setting up the FMOD side of things, check out the Footsteps example in the FMOD example project.

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Hi, my friend recently wrote a few tutorials about detecting multiple surface types in UE4.
This tutorial is for shooting multiple surfaces but it creates a function that you can use for sounds later.

And this one is for adding the Anim Event Triggers to detect the surface you are standing on.


Thanks for this Joel, very helpful!