Forcing markers to maintain location when changing Tempo Marker

I’m setting up a music template of sorts that has a lot of transition and destination markers (nearly 200 of each). They have been mapped out according to the specific tempo marker I created.

However, when using this template for other pieces of music that have different tempos, I need to be able to change the Tempo Marker values but keep the Transition/Destination markers on their current Bar/Beat.

For instance, if a marker is on bar 1, beat 1 with a tempo of 120, if I change the tempo to 150, I need the marker to stay of bar 1 beat 1.

Is there a way to do that?


There’s no way to do that built in to FMOD Studio.

That said, you could hypothetically create a script that gets the timeline position of every marker in your project, multiplies each of those values by an arbitrary multiplier, then sets each of the markers’ timeline positions to those new values. This could allow you to change the positions of markers proportionally such tat they match your event’s new bar/beat length. It’ll likely be a little tricky to set up, though. The documentation for FMOD Studio scripting can be found here.