Gradually Increase / Decrease Tempo?


Is it possible to ramp tempo, rather than jumping it?

I have musical assets with dynamic tempos and so far the only solution I can foresee to keep the later assets in time with FMOD’s Timeline is to add a tempo marker set at a calculated tempo that will bring it all back in line… Either that or add a tempo marker each 1/4 beat from what in my project is 106 to 161…? :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t relish the idea of 55 tempo markers sitting in my Timeline :smiley:

Any tips / advice appreciated.


Possibly the quickest response ever on a forum :slight_smile:

My solution was to right-click the audio asset, click ‘Move To…’ and copy it’s End value. I then added a Tempo marker and pasted this value in as its Start. That resets the Timeline so you can keep following audio assets (and Transitions!) in synch :slight_smile:

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