Four way binaural, 3D audio.

Hi, beginner here!

Is it possible, with a setup like this, to get the surround panner or a similar tool to control volume between the different sources. These are audio files recorded binaural at four different angle from a source. So one position at 0 degrees would only play the first audio track, second position at 90 degrees would play audio track 2 (and turn audio 1 down) and so forth.

Bonus question: Is it possible to control this with OSC or MIDI?


Click on the grey area of the Audio Track, where the name is (e.g. Audio 1), and look in the lower left of the Deck at the bottom. You should see a coloured bar with ‘Out’ written underneath. Right-click it, and select Surround. (You may need to go into Edit > Preferences > Format and select ‘5.1 Surround’ to get this, not sure.)

Once you’ve got Surround selected, you’ll see a circle with speaker icons. Right-click on the dot in the centre of the circle (which represents the player position) and select Automation > Surround Direction or Automation > Surround Extent.

If you add a parameter - the preset Direction one seems the most applicable - then you can map the surround direction and extent to the parameter, and link the parameter to your game engine. You’ll need to define a Surround Extent of less than 360 degrees to direct sound to specific degree locales.

These might help:

I’ve not tested this, but it should work :slight_smile:

As an additional tip (that may be related to your question), you can isolate sounds completely by clicking on the speaker icons that sit outside the Surround circle in the lower left. When you click them, the speakers will go dark grey, and you will mute that speaker’s output. Might be handy if you want 4-way surround on a 5.1 system, for example.

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Hrm, made a slight error in my advice to you! Whilst you’re in the Direction parameter, right-click on the Audio Track’s volume control and select Add Automation. This will allow you to map fade in/out on the audio, and you can link it to the degrees defined in the parameter. What I’ve described above was just moving the audio around the speakers, not actually fading anything! It’s still the same steps, and you will still need to define Surround Extent. You won’t need Surround Direction though :slight_smile:

You should use Event Cone Angle rather than Direction if you want the direction to the listener to be taken into account, rather than just relative orientation.

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Thanks! Will try this first thing tomorrow!