FSBank init problem

I thought that my problem was with the fsbank api that i dont know how to use it to generate fsb5 files
but when i tried to remove the fsbank init function then all the code beneath it worked
For some reason my fsbank doesnt initialize

I think it is the best way to initialize already

const char* cache = G:/cache;
FSBank_Init(FSBANK_FSBVERSION_FSB5, FSBANK_INIT_NORMAL, (unsigned int)2, cache);

Linking in this case: FSBank Conversion of wav to fsb5 problem - #10 by CreatorsStudio
This should initialize FSBank correctly- though I’m assuming const char* cache = G:/cache; is a formatting error / typo, and it is actually const char* cache = "G:/cache";, otherwise it won’t compile at all.
If it fails, you can investigate by passing the returned FSBANK_RESULT of an FSBank API calls into FSBank_Result_ToString.

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