Generating .bank from the command line

A question about this was asked 3 years ago, but I thought I’d ask this here.

We are transitioning to FMOD Studio from a system that loaded .oggs directly. We would like to use FMOD Studio exclusively, we do not want to use the low level API. As a half measure, we have a large collection of .ogg files we would want to be able to build into a bank from the command line.

  • These files are not predictably named, so cannot generate an fspro file ahead of time.
  • We would like to be able to, per file, choose a bit rate and compression settings.

Is this possible

This is possible.

FMOD Studio supports setting compression format and quality on a per-asset basis; the FMOD Studio command line can run scripts written in Javascript, allowing you to create almost any project you could make using the FMOD Studio UI; and it also allows you to build your projects’ banks. It is entirely possible to create a script that does what you want.

You can read about the FMOD Studio command line tool at , and about making scripts for FMOD Studio at

If you have any questions about specific details of writing scripts for FMOD Studio, please don’t hesitate to post a new question or contact