Is there any Commandline to generate .bank files?

Hey guys,

Is there any commandline tool (like fsbank.exe) to generate .bank files from a given list, directory or some other meta description?

I do know the but it expects an .fsproj generated via FMOD Studio.

I need to automate the generation of .bank file from a given folder or from a given .lst file.

In the past we could (as I already mentioned via the fsbank we could generate the legacy .fsb format) but now I haven’t seen a proper way of doing this.

Looking forward to hear something.


FSB and fsbank.exe are not legacy parts of FMOD Studio.

.bank files can only be exported from studio because they contain both event description data and compressed audio data.

The replacement for exporting a .lst file from designer and building in fsbank is to use fmodstudio from the command line.

If you want to compress audio from the command line for use in studio programmer sounds or using the lowlevel directly you should still use fsbank.


You’re right Nicholas, my bad. I just loaded the fsb as a sound (not as a bank - that was my misunderstanding) and then I could get the sound with the getSubSound and all worked as expected.

Thank you very much for the clarification.