Get length of a track only on Event Attached

I need to get length of a track (simple audio cues with voiceover). Some are played 2D, some are attached. But I fail to find a way to get length of a cue from any other than “Play Event Attached”.
Play 2D for example, I can’t find a way to get this information. How can I get track length from Play 2D and At Location?
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. I am attaching an image.

Hello, there is no way to do this?

Hello, sorry to keep bumping this threat, but it seems like a very easy thing to do, though I am stuck on this for 3 days now. I simply can’t use fmod if this functionality is not there, though I would seriously prefer to do so :(. I’ve tried casting, tried creating a dummy play event attached that would just get the time of the event, but nothing works. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


An option to get the length from Play event at Location would be to use Play Event Attached passing in the Location in the drop-down parameters into the node.

Currently, there isn’t a workaround to get the length from Play Event 2D, I shall pass on this functionality to our dev team to look into further.

Apologies for the slow reply.