Get parameter list

hi everybody, is there a way to write a script where I can get the parameters present in the project? or maybe a parameter thet an event is using?
I’ve modified the ‘exportGUIDsHeader.js’ to export all events, banks, snapshot. but i’ve not found a way to have parameters.


To get a list of all parameter presets in your project you would use var allParams = studio.project.model.ParameterPreset.findInstances()

However, because the parameters are tied to event instances (local parameter) or the system (global parameter), you would not be able to get the GUID of the parameter until the event description or system have been instantiated at runtime. You will need a separate script to assist with that.

thanks Richard, I used instead “var par = object.getParameterPresets();” where “object” is the event i’m analyzing.
once I have the managed object (in this case ManagedObject:GameParameter) is there a way to retrieve the name of it? I just found but I can’t find a way to have the name.

That would be par[0] (since par is now an array). You can print a list of all of an objects properties by using .dump() on most objects.

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