I'd like to get / set FMod studio effect params in c++ code

Hi all!
First of all, Sorry for my bad english.

I’m a beginner as FMOD Studio Programmer

My team’s sound designer set some effect params using “FMod Studio tools”
( ex. Fader, 3D Panner min&max distance, roll off ).

I’d like to get params information to display in my standalone program.
But I can’t find this tool params from C++ structures or classes.
where can I find these params and how to get values?

Because my project is that convert “FMOD Designer EX” system to “FMod Studio System”. So I must compare sounds between two different version clients.

Thank you for your good ideas.

Best regards.

Once you have the event description you want to access the parameters of, you can use something like the following:

Thanks for your reply.

But I already checked EventDescription & EventInstance classes.
( In my situation, I can’t find any Parameters( count = 0 ) )

For more information to you, in the “FMOD Studio User Manual”( Not Programmers manual ), they explained “Channels and Panning” and show a picture about control screenshot.(maybe they still explained at page 154? )

I want to take these parameters into my code.
Then, what is best way to access these parameters?

Please let me know, if you have any suggestions.

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

If you cannot get any parameters from the event instance then it sounds like they have not been exposed as parameters in FMOD Studio.
Properties of the event need to be controlled by a parameter in Studio then in game you can control the parameter which will change the property in real time.
You can use EventInstance::get/setProperty() for a few built in properties like panner min and max.