Getting volume at particular position?

Hey guys,

New to FMOD and having a great time getting to grips with it.

I’m currently creating a simple demo for my final year project (back to university for my final year in September). I’m trying to set a sprite’s alpha value based off of the volume of one of my samples at that given time. I’ve got 5 sounds running and I’m only interested in the kick loop I’ve got going (running off a standard 4/4 loop, about 160 BMP).

I’ve scoured the API but been unable to find a way to get the channel/sound’s volume at a given position. I know ‘volume’ is the incorrect word, I’m ashamed at myself for not remember the correct one… Hah. Of course the volume is 1.0f unless defined by me otherwise - I’m sure you guys can figure out what I’m referring to :oops: Any pointers would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

If you’re interested in the RMS ( of the signal over the last mix block you can use this code.

    // After calling playSound() and getting channel back
    FMOD::DSP* channelhead;
    channel->getDSP(FMOD_CHANNELCONTROL_DSP_HEAD, &channelhead);
    channelhead->setMeteringEnabled(false, true);

    // Call this at regular intervals while the channel is playing
    FMOD_DSP_METERING_INFO outputmeter = {};
    channelhead->getMeteringInfo(0, &outputmeter);
    float alpha = outputmeter.rmslevel[0]; // assume mono