Help me! One event didn't play all layers at the same time in Unity.

I created a event with Single and Multi Sounds, Scatterer Sound and Events within events.
When I hear the project in Fmod Studio, works fine. But, when I played the event in Unity, the sound have a big delay, and I hear the layers played separately. Should play all at the same time.
Someone knows how can fix this?
Also, I tried put one AHDSR:Volume with 1 sec of Attack in all tracks, and it continued the same. But this is not the solution!
Best regards.

Are the any of the layers streaming?

Thanks Nicholas. I think that we found the answer.
Unity needs time to load the build. After being loaded, the sound plays as wanted.
I will check the streaming. I want to see if the process is faster and the memory decreases.

Help. I have the same problem.

I made a music event. One track with a normal sound and another with a nested event.
When begin play, the nested event play first then the other track so it is not synchronized.
I tried to add tempo to both, quantize, but nothing worked.

I tried a few things.
When I leave some space between the beginning of the event and the sound sources, it is well synced.
If I play the sounds at the beginning of the event, it is not synced anymore.

This is fixed in the Studio Runtime 1.08.

You can emulate the behavior in previous runtimes using the following Unity script