How can I upgrade my FMOD version?


I have FMOD version 2.01.09 and I want to upgrade the version because I am experiencing this known bug described here where @jeff_fmod says it is fixed in version 2.01.10

How do I properly upgrade my FMOD version?

Thank you!

Since you’re upgrading to a new minor version (i.e. 2.01.09 to 2.01.10, not 2.01 to 2.02), it should just be a matter of importing the updated FMOD Unity package to your Unity project - the setup wizard should run you through updating plugin files, libraries, and/or references if needed. For more info, see the Updating the Plugin section of our Unity docs.

For parity, it’s recommended to update FMOD Studio to 2.01.10 as well, which likewise should just work with your existing project. Just in case, you may also wish to back up your Unity and FMOD projects before doing this.

You should also check the revision history for your target version (and any intervening versions), specifically the “Notes” section, to be sure whether there’s anything that might affect your project when updating. The 2.01 Studio API/Unity revision history can be found here, and the 2.01 Studio revision history here. It appears that, in the case of 2.01.09 to 2.01.10, you shouldn’t run into any issues, but if you do please feel free to let me know.