How to compile FMOD project using CMake instead of old NDK Makefiles?

I trying to compile a simple android project including fmod, without success. How can I achieve that? There’s some way to update the android examples with the new approach?

Our examples are setup to directly import into Android Studio, are you able to build them with that?

The examples are ok, up and running. But they’re using the legacy ndk integration system with makefiles. The new projects with NDK enabled are developed using the CMake integration. In that way, I can’t use the knowledge base of examples to config my own.

I will raise a ticket for some information to be added to our documentation for people using CMake.

Is there any update on this? I would also be in need of cmake documentation. :-/

Our next release (hopefully this week) will ship with CMake examples you can use as reference.

Great thank you :slight_smile: