How to createSound of fmod h5 with not preload file?

i saw all h5 examples, created by preload asset via prerun, but i want to create sound with path not can i do?


Which examples are you referring to?

There are a few methods by which you can load data to make sounds explained under FMOD API | Platform Details HTML5.

Hope this helps!

thanks for your answer. I saw examples of fmod h5 engine.I hope I can create with path. not load in prerun

and Now, I met another problem in h5. In my project, sometimes, it was doing large logics and made a little lag, at that time, the voice was shaked. how can i solve this problem?

When referring to the path, are we talking about a file on the user’s computer or an event path?

Would it be possible to elaborate on the logic that may be causing the lag? If not, could you upload a copy of your project to your profile for me to test?