How to deal with DLC content?

Is FMOD able to deal with additional DLC content added to the game by UE4s plugin concept? Can i simply add a DLC that contains a bank not stored to the standard Content/FMOD folder and load that bank by a blueprint or code that comes with the DLC? Will UE4 care about added banks into the game by DLC plugins?

The FMOD banks live in the Games content folder, so UE4 should be able to handle any banks added for the DLC. As long as the Master Bank and strings bank are updated at the same time, you should be able to access the events in the new banks without any issue.

Thanks for the answer. But that is then too bad. Means that only the developer of the core game itself can produce DLC containing FMOD banks. If a 3th party developer brings in a DLC, he can’t and shouldn’t change the master bank. Any way around this problem? Maybe FMOD should consider this and solve it with one of the next updates. Maybe by storing the strings for each bank seperately and adapt them automativcally to the master bank when they get loaded.

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