how to modify voice using fmod for android ?

Basically, I’m trying to build an Android app that will take a stream voice signal from the mic and adds some effects to it (like a voice changer app. so as you speak your voice will be pitched down for example).

so, is there any tutorial on how to do that using fmod ?


Yes, please take a look at the record example we ship with FMOD.

This example shows recording from the microphone and applying a DSP effect to it with live playback. You can swap the DSP effect out for any other effect you desire.

Our examples run on all platforms, in the case of Android this is via the NVidia integration. Also we have information in our docs showing how to compile FMOD using the NDK toolchain. For use with Android Studio you would need to adapt our NDK example.

Hello, I am testing the record case now, but the numDrivers returned by the getRecordNumDrivers method is 0. How to solve it?

Answered here:

Thank you so much for your help Mathew :slight_smile:

i’ve seen the record example, it looks great. but i guess i still need to learn how to do that in android :slight_smile:

Is there any tutorial or sample how to use fmod with android studio ?

thx a lot :slight_smile:

I’ve updated my answer above to include some more information.