How to set block size of recorded data?

I am recording audio (using system.recordStart), and polling system.getRecordPosition in a loop. The recordPosition is not changed on each loop iteration, it changes by blocks of 1024 samples. Is it possible to reduce that block size of 1024, so I could get recorded data on each iteration loop?

Hi Sergio,
That block size is generally set by your soundcard driver, not by fmod.
That being said it may depend on your output mode.
Have you tried changing system.setBufferSize to something other than the default of 1024? If it is 1024,4 by default, try 256,16

Thanks Brett,
I tried changing setOutput, setDSPBufferSize, and setStreamBufferSize, but recordPosition changes always by blocks of 1024 samples.

then see my original comment about the driver. If you need specific values try a different output mode like ASIO and use asioconfig.exe to change buffer sizes.