How to stop loop without cutting off audio

hey guys
i am working on a boeing 747 soundpack for x plane. an issue i’ve been facing is looping. for the alarm sounds, annunciations like “pull up” loop, and when you pull up, the loop will stop. however, i want the sound to finish the audio, and then stop the loop, but right now, when i end the loop, it cuts the sound off midway. is there any way to fix this

There are several ways of achieving this. What kind of sound is the one in the loop? Is there a transition (ie cross fade) between each loop?

As Alcibiade has said, there are multiple different ways of doing this. Which one you should use depends on your circumstances and what you want to achieve.

Are you stopping the loop by sending a stop command to an event, or by changing the value of a parameter? Are you looping the sound using a loop region, or by enabling an instrument’s loop mode? Are the instruments involved synchronous or asynchronous?