HTML5 question/request for .mem and .wasm file

Hi, I am trying to integrate the FMOD studio api into Cocos Creator game engine and unfortunately because of the .mem file loaded on initialization(the .mem or .wasm file depending on the api choice) It is very hard to make it work because the cocos creator engine rename and encode the path of every file even library plugin files so that .mem file does not ended up in the same folder ask the fmod js file and got a encoded name. It could be great if you guys could add a feature that would allow an optional argument to be pass that will specify the path and name of that .mem file that must be loaded.

.mem and .wasm are not something the API can specify with our API, when the .mem or .wasm havent been loaded yet. That would be a chicken and egg problem. It sounds like a bad file management system in that engine.

a quick google shows you can probably do this with the locateFile function override in JS in your own app.