I cannot reset password on your website

can you make sure when you click the URL it has ?code=longstringhere on the end of it?
It seems like your browser might be stripping it. see if any plugins are active that could be disabled and use an incognito window to past the URL into, rather than clicking it from an email client.

I can see the sent emails to your address, and when I click it myself it presents a password reset screen with ‘password’ and ‘confirm password’.

I was having the same issue but after trying it on Google Chrome I was able to reset my password. I was also being presented with a password reset screen on Firefox, but after typing the information and clicking “Reset!” I would get the same message as the original poster.

is there a common browser here that is having this problem? That would be interesting because as you said it looks fine on chrome/firefox.

Im guessing now the issue is not following the link from the email (this is normally where you would see that error if the key was missing or incorrect), it is hitting reset then getting sent back to that screen in the screenshot above.

I’m sorry for not participating in the thread I created for a couple of days, I’ve been busy.

Indeed, I can confirm that I successfully reseted my password using Chrome. On Firefox there’s immediately an error message saying “There seems to be an error” and on the next page there’s a message from the first image I posted in this thread.

Thank you for your help.

Hi, a review has been done of the password reset and some changes made, it looks like firefox and chrome treat forms differently. We have updated the page and you should be able to use it normally now.

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