XML file style information Update error

Today I received an Email from Firelight Technologies prompting me to update to the latest version of FMOD Studio, Release 2.00.03

When I did so my web browser repeatedly gave me the error shown below even though I was logged onto the site as required.



This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.
AccessDeniedAccess denied

if you are using the Brave browser, use a not Brave browser.

edit: If you are using brave can you let me know what version you are using? I just tried brave and it works, and old ‘access denied’ + s3 threads in brave’s github discussion area ask users to ‘get the latest version’.

Thanks Brett,

I have Brave installed but I was using Firefox for the download. If you would like I can uninstall Brave without any problem.

The only time we have seen this is because of the brave browser, not the firefox browser. Having it exist on your HD shouldnt affect firefox. If there are issues maybe the signed link timed out and you need to refresh / try in incognito mode. This is not a reported/known issue and there are many downloads a day going through successfully so you may need to fault find this on your end.


Thankyou, I was able to download fmod after switching to a “New Firefox Private Window”.

All I have to do now is find where the file should be installled.

Thanks again,