I just wanted to say thank you

I’ve measured FMOD Studio sound latency within my C# .Net application the last couple of weeks.

When i first started using fmod studio, i had about 150ms latency.
After discovering dspbuffersize and setting it to 192, i had about 50ms.

With 1.08 now, i have freaking 10-15ms latency. Guys, that’s simply incredible. I am so deeply impressed (since it’s not just a simple sound file, it’s a bank with 20 soundfiles and a couple of automated values in it). Thank you so much, your work is awesome!!

Best Regards,

PS: i’ve measured it by playing a very short sound via Microsoft XNA soundinstance, recording the test and measuring the distance via Audacity.

Thanks, I’m glad our improvements are working well for you.

With 1.08 we’ve rebuilt our WASAPI output mode on Windows to be more stable and have 40ms less latency than 1.07.