Importing files directly from Basehead


I’m having some problems with sounds imported directly from Basehead into FMOD. When I drag the sounds into the audio bin in FMOD there is no sound when played. Only when I use compression while auditioning there is sound.

Is there a way to make this work or is the drag’n drop feature from Basehead not supported for FMOD?


I’ve tested this with BaseHead Ultra version 4.2.73, and had no trouble auditioning files in the audio bin after dragging them from the BaseHead window. It may be that this issue only affects certain audio file formats, or that it only happens with certain versions of BaseHead and FMOD Studio; What versions are you using, and what is the nature of the files you’re experiencing issues with?

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Thank you for your answer. I tried again to reproduce the issue and it seems you are right that Basehead is not the issue. The problems arise when Pro Tools is is opened. So right now if I only have FMOD open everything is fine, but when I open Pro Tools some of the imported files in my audio bin stops working.

Those that aren’t working are all mono files, mostly 48khz, but some are 44.1khz also. All stereo files are working and if I click on the compress button in the audition window the files starts working again. Importing new files while pro tools is open, does work too. Only having trouble with sounds that were imported a while ago.

Oh, and I’m using FMOD 1.08.15 and Basehead Ultra 4.2.73.

Are the files that won’t audition open in Pro Tools when you try to audition them?

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Thx for the respons. It’s the same even when Pro Tools is shutdown.

Sorry for the confusion, but after a couple of days work it seems like it has nothing to do with Pro Tools or Basehead. It has something to do with mono playback in FMOD. So here’s what I’ve tested so far :

In audio bin I can play some mono files and some I can’t play.

If I activate compression for playback, I can hear all files.

When I make an event with the mono files that can be played in audio bin everything is fine.

When I make an event with the files that can’t be played in audio bin I can play the files when I have the 3D panner which is activated as default, but when I remove it the sound dissapears. If I then switch the output from Automatic to Stereo or Surround I can hear the audio again, but not if I choose output to be Mono.

Right now everything is working if I keep compression on in the audio bin and if I always use stereo as output. But I’d like to know what’s wrong and how I can use mono as output if I have to. Any ideas?

@JP Since this issue only affects certain mono sounds and stops occurring when Audition with Compression is turned on, it’s most likely caused by some quirk of how FMOD Studio interacts with certain file formats. Could you please send one or more of the affected audio files to, so that we can examine it and use it for testing purposes?

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Also, I can play the files in the audio bin with compress activated, but I can’t use them in events with sounds in a different format.